Why NOT to add directions in your script

While this page is devoted to 50 Cent Flash fiction I also like to include various notes on writing.

At the 2017 Willamette Writers Conference, I was having drinks with actor/producer Gil Luna and we got on the topic of writers putting direction in the script/screenplay.

“But Gil,” I said. “If I have this idea of the film, a shot that goes this way, why shouldn’t I put it in? I mean this is an important part of my vision. I mean I know that ultimately the director is going to decide how it is shot, but why can’t I give him my vision. Yes?”

“The reason,” he replied, “is that it is insulting to the director.”

I was shocked at the idea, and at this point started recording the video. Here it is in his own words.

Gill Luna from Jaan Seunnasepp on Vimeo.