Review for Anthology #2 – Portland

From Amazon

5 Star: A local’s perspective, more from less, culture exposed, leaves you wanting more.

on February 2, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Waiting for a Latte, is story that connects to place. Everything about Portland the reader knows, or thinks, gets tapped into here. Seunnasepp brings our own urban anxiety to the table and gives the reader a glimpse of self-awareness through the situation and character interactions. Read in a coffee shop on an iPad, how perfect. A nice multidimensional story focusing on the social subtleties embedded in the mundane.50C_cover_vol2_solitaire2

In Goodie Two-Shoes we meet characters we all already know. Seunnasepp gives us context and details, and a chance to spy on the inner essence of these people we all see on a daily basis. The writing is never dense, never showy, but just right.

Couches have flavors. This is an unsettling fact that will no longer be overlooked by the readers. Seunnasepp is heavily influenced by the climate of the Pacific Northwest. We all discuss the weather as a basis of social interaction, and this is the foundational thoughts from which the stores develop.


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