The following anthologies/collections are available or will be soon:

Anthology #1: Twist

Available Now! 

“Jaan has a rather unique, dark sense of humor. He’s playful with his writing, and it makes for fun reading.”
Alex Stevens, editor

Anthology #2: Portland, OR 

Available Now! 

“Everything about Portland the reader knows, or thinks, gets tapped into here. Seunnasepp brings our own urban anxiety to the table and gives the reader a glimpse of self-awareness through the situation and character interactions… A nice multidimensional story focusing on the social subtleties embedded in the mundane.”
by Z, customer reviewer.

Anthology #3: International

  • ??
  • Feria de Jerez
  • Mexicana Flight 522
Collection #1

  • Anthologies 1 – 3 


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