Story: No 02 – Waiting for a Latte

50 Cent Flash announces the second story in the series:

Waiting for a Latte

(Literary —  598 words)

The rain fell sideways as the storm winds whipped through the Portland streets. Twenty-four year old Donald, his curly black hair flapping wildly, followed three others hurrying into the downtown Starbucks where, clothes dripping . . .

Story: No 01 – Pool Hall Scene

Anthology #1

Free Sample The Room

Pool Hall Scene.

(Urban Fantasy – 854 words)

Michael looked up as a tall, slender figure entered the smoky poolroom. He was wearing a fedora and an elegant black coat, and Michael was sure he’d seen him before, but he couldn’t remember when.

Down on his luck these last few nights, Michael had lost easy games. He fidgeted unhappily, and finished his drink. His collar chafed his neck in the oppressive summer heat. “It must be real late,” he thought, as the place was all but deserted. It was one of those nights when it seemed as though he had been in this game hall for eternity.

In a smooth voice, the stranger asked: “Care for a game?” . . .

Announcing the 50 Cent Flash Fiction series

Author Jaan Seunnasepp announces the beginning of the 50 Cent Flash Fiction series.

This is a series of short-short stories (under 2000 words)  in a variety of topics and genres each selling  for only 50¢. The complete listing of stories can be found here.

The first in the series is Pool Hall Scene, in which Michael watches as a newcomer enters the pool hall. The question is: What does this stranger want?