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50 Cent Flash Fiction is a series of Anthologies of Short-Short fiction (under 2000 words) by author Jaan Seunnasepp. Each volume will include original artwork and photographs.

You can go to the main 50¢ Flash page or any of the individual pages via the left hand menu-tab at the top of this page. On the main page is a listing of all of the stories, with loglines. There are also blog posts as new stories are written. At these you can leave comments. We welcome them.

Welcome again! And we hope you will enjoy our stories. If you do enjoy them then PLEASE – leave a review at your point of purchase. Your positive comments help immensely!

How to buy

Cover 50¢ Flash - v1: Twist

We are currently selling via:

  • iBookstore (iTunes)
  • Amazon
  • Lulu (A writers website)

More info on the How to Buy page

For a list of available (and soon to be available) publications, go to our Anthologies page.


Creekside -AT- udes DOT com


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