Anthology #1: Twist


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Cover 50¢ Flash - v1: Twist

Cover 50¢ Flash – v1: Twist

Three Stories by Jaan Seunnasepp

Drawings by

Katrin Orav

Photographs by

Malcolm Manness

Edited by

Alex Stevens

This first volume of 50 Cent Flash Fiction will bring you into the fun, interesting, and intriguingly bizarre world of Jaan Suennasepp.How I discovered him, however, isn’t as nearly as exciting as his stories.

Just weeks ago I chanced upon his blog and read some of his writing. What stood out most were his thorough descriptions and quirky humor. I was hooked immediately. I made a few comments and, lucky for me, Jaan sent me a couple more pieces, which I very much enjoyed.Jaan has a rather unique, dark sense of humor.

He’s playful with his writing, and it makes for fun reading. When you read one of his stories, you can’t help but smile or laugh out loud. He’s excellent at description. Each of his pieces are superb at making your feel as if you’re right there alongside his characters. Add to that his sense of drama, his ability to know when a piece needs a more serious tone, and you’ve got yourself a solid bit of writing to keep you quite entertained.

The theme for this first round of stories is Twist. Each piece should give you a little something you don’t quite expect, and keep your literary tastebuds craving more. In the pages the follow, you’ll find something for everyone. There is humor, fear, excitement, and rage — a whole gamut of emotions.

Beyond the fiction, you’ll see artwork by the talented Katrin Orav.

I hope you enjoy this volume as much as I have enjoyed seeing it all come together.

– Alex Stevens, Editor

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