How to finish your screenplay

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition Blog has an interesting post that should be of interest to most writers, titled: How to Finish Writing Your Screenplay.

There are suggestions for creating deadlines. Another point is a discussion of boredom with the project. It is reassuring to see that others have similar problems to your own. My favorite, however is the following:

Review the Feedback You Hated

Remember the notes you got that you thought were relevant? Do you recall the feedback that you dismissed as being sloppy and inconsistent with all the other feedback you have received? Go back to it. Read it again. You might be in a place to finally hear the criticism and spark new ideas and start working on your script again.
Notes that have been set aside suddenly make sense when you’re on the floor, crying like a baby.

I thought I was the only one who reacted like this!!!

But seriously, to read over the notes again after some time has passed, is a good idea.

I remember my editor on these 50 Cent Flash anthologies giving me notes on the stories. It was just as the article said, there were some made sense immediately, others after a little time. There were also those I definitely did not agree with and skipped. That is my right – I am the writer in the end! But there was a last category – those notes that I did not like but could not really justify ignoring – I did not have a strong reason for rejecting them. In the end I decided that in these cases, where I could not find a good reason to reject the critique – I would accept it and make the changes. I figured my resistance was most likely just pride, and so I would trust Stephen.

Check out one of the anthologies and let me know what you think!

Good writing to you!