07: The Bottle of Tokaji

Anthology #1

Literary/Contemporary —   1922 words

University student Gretta returns returns home to find that her roommate has opened a very special bottle of wine.

The usual January drizzle greeted Gretta as she left the bus depot and walked to her bicycle. She clipped her pack to the bike’s rack, pulled her knit cap over her dark hair and started home. As the day slowly brightened, she was thinking of hot tea.

“Gotta a confession to make,” Jill started in. “Roger and I came home from the party about midnight. After we were talking a while we got this incredible urge for some wine. So we went in and raided your little stash. Of course we’ll pay you for it. Hope you don’t mind.”

When her companion took in a sudden sharp breath and looked down at the table, Jill sensed that something was very wrong even though she could not see Gretta biting her lip. “Uh-oh!” she exclaimed. “I hope it wasn’t a big mistake. I mean, it looked like the bottle had already been opened once, so we thought it would be OK. Look we’ll pay you for a new one no matter what it cost.” Jill sensed that her reassurances were not making much of a difference. “Please say it’s OK.” she pleaded.  …

The Bottle of Tokaj is included in Anthology #1


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