Cat Rambo Interview

Another post on writing.

I really enjoyed this interview by Author Magazine with Cat Rambo. Quite a few themes she touched on struck home. Of all of them, however, was this:

You have to give yourself permission to write crap.

Also – the very last sentence is totally precious!

What are your thoughts?

The interview page is here.

Why NOT to add directions in your script

While this page is devoted to 50 Cent Flash fiction I also like to include various notes on writing.

At the 2017 Willamette Writers Conference, I was having drinks with actor/producer Gil Luna and we got on the topic of writers putting direction in the script/screenplay.

“But Gil,” I said. “If I have this idea of the film, a shot that goes this way, why shouldn’t I put it in? I mean this is an important part of my vision. I mean I know that ultimately the director is going to decide how it is shot, but why can’t I give him my vision. Yes?”

“The reason,” he replied, “is that it is insulting to the director.”

I was shocked at the idea, and at this point started recording the video. Here it is in his own words.

Gill Luna from Jaan Seunnasepp on Vimeo.