50 Cent Flash Fiction is a collaborative effort.

Jaan Seunnasepp – Author

Jaan Seunnasepp has lived in various countries over the years. His writing stems from a love of folklore and mythology.

Besides the 50 Cent Flash project, he has written many shorts, 2 completed screenplays, and one 2-volume novel.

His novel, The Songbook of Suomi tells the adventures of 15 year old Diana Morales who is swept back into the world of Finnish mythology as related in the epic Kalevala. 

email: Jaan +AT+ udes. +DOT+ com

Katrin Orav – Illustrator

Katrin Orav is a young artist from Estonia where she graduated as a graphic designer in Tartu Artschool. She tries to find her own style in illustrating by combining traditional aquarelle techniques with more modern digitilized ways.

Alex Stevens – Editor

Alex Stevens studied English Literature in the mid-west.

Malcolm Mannes – Photographer

Malcolm Manness has traveled extensively, and has exhibited in three different countries.

A sampling of his photographs can be seen at the following links.

General GalleryColombia 2011

Facebook Site

email: mm50 +AT+ udes. +DOT+ com


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